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Sicort-HTS – leading company in the sector of manufacturing and selling equipment for heat treatments – makes its own experience in hiring tools and equipment available to its own customers.

The equipment hire service offered by Sicort-HTS meets the needs and requirements of the mid-sized businesses which do not have huge production volumes as far as the use of plants for heat treatments is concerned, therefore they do not need to purchase one or more pieces of this equipment, but only hire them.

In this way costs are remarkably lowered, and the industry requiring this service to Sicort-HTS benefits from it.

Heat treatments for which hire equipment is offered include all those treatments that modify the physical state of a material to process it through a thermal cycle.

Trattamenti Termici


Resistance heat treatments: In this treatment resistances powered by multichannel plants equipped with programmers, recorders and safety devices are used. Resistance heat treatment is suitable for pre-heating or lower thickness welds.

Induction heat treatments: In this kind of processing, high temperatures are reached in a short time. It exploits electric currents induced in the material to generate heat. It is deemed to be one of the most eco-friendly methods on the market.

Hot air heat treatments: This kind of treatment exploits the flow of hot air to modify the characteristics of a specific material to process it.

Furnace heat treatments: Specific treatments that entail the use of an instrument such as a professional oven or furnace.

Out-of-oven heat treatments

Drying: This treatment is especially used in the chemical industry to separate the liquid content from the solid one inside a given material.

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